Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only work with WordPress?

There are lots of great open source content management systems. We aim to deliver consistent and reliable results using WordPress. Keeping up to date in the WordPress community is not trivial, new developments spring up all the time. Experts in Joomla and Drupal face exactly the same issues. So if you have a specific requirement for a particular CMS, consider finding a developer who specialises in it.

What browsers will my website work in?

We support all of our client websites for Internet Explorer 7/8/9, most versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome, and Safari on iPad/iPhone. We use HTML5/CSS3 for visual effects, and don’t use Adobe Flash (which won’t run on iPhones or iPads). We support Internet Explorer v6 (very old now, and tiny market share) if you specify it is required – an additional fee is involved.