In search engine optimization, the only constant is change. You can get sort of comfortable with that, because small changes aren’t that hard to deal with, really.

But Aaron Wall of is making a call that Google’s Ranking Variables are going to change – big time.

Read his post. There are big implications for business online. Try this:

The future of SEO, therefore, will be increasingly about engaging people. The search engines will be measuring the signals users send. In the past, it’s all been about the signals webmasters send i.e. links and marked up content … [but] you’ll also need to think about the users – and the signals they send – in order to future proof your site.

It is hard not to feel frustrated that the rules can change on such a fundamental level.

A lot of business owners are just starting to get their head around relevant content and good links. Those will still matter. But as Aaron points out, the signals users send will matter even more.

Oh well, nothing to do but roll up the sleeves and help find the tools and services that help business do what they need. A time of major change represents both challenge and opportunity.