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Include A Blog In Your WooCommerce Store Design

A blog is an opportunity to have conversation with your customers. It can establish a relationship of trust because people will quickly feel that they know you personally.

From a search perspective each blog post acts as another loop on the net cast by your online presence. If your blog covers topics customers care about they will stumble upon your website in their online searches.

If you scan the analytics of online business that have an active blog you will see that there are literally hundreds of search terms drawing readers to their website. Many of those readers stay and have a look around and if you have a online store they will buy from you.

This all sounds good doesn’t it? So why do so few businesses have an active blog. The reason is a simple one – people get busy. The more successful your WooCommerce store, the less time you have to keep a blog active.

Quickly the blog becomes a source of guilt for many business owners. They know they should publish on their blog more often but it’s very hard to find the time. Just like the New Years resolution you made, there is a strong start and fast fade.

Professional writers have tricks to help them keep up with their writing. They write at the same time in the same place to help them develop a habit. They carry a note book and record ideas when they think of them. They try to write every day.

Someone once said that all new businesses should employ writers for all their positions even if its a gardener job. I don’t know if anyone has actually followed that advice. However, the point they are making is that good content helps online businesses compete in several important ways such as link building, search, and customer conversion.

So the quick answer is yes. Your WooCommerce Store does need a blog if it’s to be seriously competitive. Don’t leave it to chance. Plan for it and hire someone to help you strike up a great conversation with your customer. You won’t regret it.

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