Adding Google Maps to your Website

Do you want to be able to show store or distributor locations using Google Maps?

There are several approaches you can take, depending on the number of points on your map and how you want to present them.

First of all, we are using the excellent Google Maps Plugin for WordPress by Avi Alkalay. You can see the plugin in use on the Store Locations page we helped put together for Appelts, a jewellery store in Canada.

If you had a number of stores or distributors around Australia, you could create several Google Maps (small ones like on Appelts) that have one or more markers on them. So you could have 1 map for Western Australia with markers for each WA distributor, one for Victoria and so on.

Or you could have 1 big map of Australia with lots of markers (one for each store/distributor), and then display a window to that map for each state. This means if someone is looking at the map for Victoria, they can zoom out to see all of Australia with all the stores/distributors visible.

We have put together a How To article that explains how to do this: Adding Google Maps to a WordPress website

In the example above, if you were going to go with the 1 map of Australia approach and show sub maps, you’ll want to experiment with the KML option.

If you have lots of stores/distributors, the hardest part of this task will be getting the Latitude/Longitude co-ordinates ready. As recommended in the article, you should get an Excel spreadsheet with all the co-ordinates and test them out before starting on producing maps. This will save you heaps of time.