Diggers Rest Station, the Kimberley, Northern Australia

Diggers Rest Station, the Kimberley, Northern Australia

We’ve recently gone live with a new OM4Tourism website for Roderick and Alida Woodland at Digger’s Rest Station.

This website was a lot of fun to work on. The landscape of the Kimberley region is just breathtaking – we have four clients from the Kimberley region, and each time I see new images I want to take a few weeks off and head up there. The horse treks run out of Digger’s Rest are particularly interesting – one of the best holidays I have ever had was a 6 day horse ride in the Victorian high country. So I’m a big fan of horse treks.

Digger’s Rest Station was one of the locations used by Baz Luhrmann to shoot Australia, the movie. That is pretty special. I’m sure they are going to get a lot of attention, because Tourism Australia is running a big new campaign to coincide with the release of Baz Luhrmann’s Australia.

Locations used in the Kimberley included Digger’s Rest Station, El Questro and Carlton Hill Station:

In New Zealand, a lot of people went to visit the locations used for The Lord of the Rings, so perhaps the same thing will happen in the Kimberley. I don’t think you can stay at Carlton Hill (perhaps if you are friends with the Packer family that doesn’t apply), but both Digger’s Rest and El Questro let you stay in view of the Cockburn Ranges.

In putting together this site, Alida asked for it to be quite visual. So we’ve used image buttons to allow visitors to navigate to the major parts of the website. By looking at the home page, you can see pretty quickly what the Digger’s Rest experience is all about.

Hope you get the chance to visit the Kimberley – watch the Tourism Australia ads on youtube, and perhaps that might happen sooner rather than later.