Using OM4 means graphic designers can focus on design and leave the heavy lifting of web development and system administration to us.

Using OM4:

  • you work with your client to develop the website design – your client, your relationship, your fee
  • you develop the website content yourself or you can ask us to develop content
  • using OM4 you create a development websites, use a theme (or blank canvas) to achieve the look you want (or get us to help) and get the site live
  • your client benefits from having a website where they can update their own content and add new content whenever they want, using the popular WordPress interface
  • once the site goes live you or the client pays our monthly Web Assist fee which includes arranging hosting.

Other than the monthly Web Assist and hosting fee for production websites, there are no other fees or commissions required to use the OM4 platform.

Your clients have direct access to OM4 support forums and educational resources. Or you can manage client support and education yourself.

Getting Started

If you have a project you need to get moving with quickly, we have two services that allow you to engage us to help you go live rapidly:

  • Custom Design: you prepare the website design in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, we take the design, create your new website and implement the design ready for content (pages and posts) to be added. You or your client can do the content, or you can get us to quote for OM4 to do the content as well as implementing the design.
  • Go Live: when the client has reviewed the design and content and is ready to flick the switch to go live, we go through a standard checklist of tasks to publish the website to its domain. You can follow our checklist yourself, or you can hire us to do the work for you.

Designer Show and Tell

From time to time we ask designers who are using the OM4 platform to share information about their recent projects. If you’d like to join this mailing list, please opt in here:
OM4 Designer Show and Tell Email List.