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Our business involves the collection, dissemination and marketing of commercial leasing data, and we are the largest data provider in this space in Australasia. One of our biggest marketing challenges is to be able to effectively position our business offering online, particularly given that we only sell our data via the web.We initially read about Glenn and his business, through the Dynamic Business Magazine, where he wrote an article concerning Online Marketing. What attracted me to his company was the way he summarized the four pillars of his online marketing model, namely:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing

After adopting his marketing techniques across our business LeaseInfo and our other consulting business IPS Consultants, we have recorded a marked increase in the number of leads and sales conversions generated purely from the web. What is exciting about this for us is our sales cost / unit have significantly fallen, and consequently our margins and volumes have improved.

I am a firm believer that Glenn’s model has a very tangible and broad market, particularly in the SME Business Services sector, who can benefit most from his expertise.

Simon Fonteyn BCom MMgt AssocDip(Val), AAPI
Managing Director
Leasing Information Services

“My site doesn’t convert! It costs me every time I want something changed! People are hammering me to spend money on SEO .. how the heck does SEO work anyway!!”

If you are like most small business owners, you want to find customers and convert them online.

And for good reason. Never before in the history of business has it been so easy to launch a business and sell to the world.

If you know what tools to use, you can launch your online business in less than an hour. And the investment required to do this? Other than your time, the cost can be zero. Zero upfront, zero ongoing.

Yet going online is often harder than it looks.

  • Maybe you don’t know how to get a proper business site for free, and have to pay a lot of cash to a web developer to create your site.
  • You might have a beautiful looking site, but the traffic meter seems to have rigor mortis.
  • You pay money to get your site ‘listed’ with search engines, but nobody can seem to find you when they search

Sound familiar?

Guess what? There is a learning curve! You can’t ignore it, you’ve got to get over it!

Business is changing. Particularly for small business. There are new rules of marketing, and new tools to use.

But there is something you have to know. There is a learning curve. If you own a business and don’t bother to understand the changes, well, don’t be surprised if you find things confusing. It will get a lot worse.

I know this because I hit that learning curve. It was embarrassing. I had been involved in sales and marketing for a long time. And I understood technology.

But my online marketing approaches just weren’t working.

To fix things, I decided to act as if I knew nothing at all (in retrospect, that was a pretty accurate call). And I went back to basics. I read everything I could about online marketing, signed up for business coaching from the world’s best internet marketers, and talked to people who ran successful online businesses. Wow. Everything was different.

Everything is different, and yet everything is the same!”

After a while I started to put everything in place. I systematised ways of launching new businesses so that the fundamentals were already in place. And I developed a model for explaining to clients how all the pieces of online marketing fitted together.

Now that I have helped many different business owners take their business online, I’ve created Online Marketing School.

What Online Marketing School Does

It’s so refreshing to see such a common-sense approach for small businesses. It’s in stark contrast to what you see in the mainstream media too often

… thanks again for such a level-headed approach that any small business could learn from.

Mike Moran, Author of Search Engine Marketing Inc,
commenting on SEO 101 – why isn’t my site search engine friendly?

By attending Online Marketing School, you will:

  • learn how to setup an online marketing website at zero upfront cost – and with zero hosting fees – that you can update as much as you want, and change the look to match your business branding. Do this for yourselves, tell your friends.
  • understand the vital importance of keyword analysis. Everyone thinks they know about keywords. But do you really? Complete just the keyword session with me – if you don’t leave that session 100% excited by your new understanding of what keywords can do for your business, then I’ll refund the entire cost of your course.
  • understand the four core online marketing tools – search marketing, content marketing, email marketing and affiliate marketing. You’ll love this model – Simon (see sidebar) already ran a highly successful online business, but using this model he was able to take things to the next level.
  • know how to develop a strategy for your online marketing, and put together a plan using a marketing system you will find easy to understand and execute.

Who is Online Marketing School For?

If you own a small business, or are responsible for online marketing for a small to medium business, this course is for you.

What You Will Learn

  • What is your business opportunity? How to define your online marketing objectives
  • Your 5 Stage Marketing System – how to plan your marketing and measure outcomes
  • The New Tools of Online Marketing – keyword analysis, content marketing, search marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing
  • Creating an Online Marketing Website – zero cost and low cost options
  • Getting Started – 5 Steps to start your online marketing
  • Metrics and Resources – measuring your success, resources for growth

Session Details

Online Marketing School
Group: Leopard
Dates: Wed 20 Feb every fortnight for 6 sessions
Wed Feb 20, Wed Mar 5, Wed Mar 19, Wed Apr 2, Wed Apr 16, Wed Apr 30
Times: 9:30 am – 10:30am
Location: Warehouse Cafe, 221 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park

$300 AUD


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