Do you want to learn how to use a blog to improve your business online?

Paul and Jenny Geelen, based in West Perth, doubled their business using a blog enabled website. Despite having their own website for years, it had never had much impact. When they started their own business blog, several things happened.

.. blog posts keep the site feeling fresh, assist our page rank in the search engines and help us produce valuable resources for our clients. At the beginning we had so little written down about what we do. The practice of blogging has created valuable resources we refer to all the time. People can now find us and see our picture and read our blog. They trust us before they walk in the door.
Jenny Geelen, Paul and Jenny Geelen, Ocularists

Blogs help customers understand what you do, they can help make a site more personal and conversational. They give you a tool for earning trust online.

What Blog School Does

Education. Blog School helps you learn and refine techniques for effective blogging. It helps with the content of your blog – what you write, who your write for, how effective your writing is. Blog School doesn’t cover the technical aspects of blogging – these are usually very easy to master, and we will refer to you resources for this. If you are using one of our OM4 blogs, you have access to OM4 support.

Join a Small Group of Bloggers. You will work with a small study group of up to 9 bloggers. Your blogging will be coached and encouraged. It is a lot more fun to work in a group, because you read each other’s posts and help each other. You will probably stay in touch with your Blog School peers long after you have completed the sessions.

Comment Circle. When you are first starting a blog, having a small circle of bloggers who comment on each other’s blogs really helps get everything moving. And you will find there are other bloggers from the OM4 community who will take an interest in your blog.

Who Blog School is For

Blog School is for people responsible for a small business or home-based business, and want to use their blog to help market their products or services. It isn’t designed to teach you how to be a pro-blogger and make an income purely from blogging.

What You Will Learn

Blog School introduces you to some great resources that will help you improve your business blog. In each group session we discuss the resources and how we can apply them to our own blogs. We also decide on writing assignments for the coming fortnight.

The topics covered in each session are:

  • Understanding Your Business Blog Audience
  • Developing Your Blogging Voice
  • Using Different Types of Blog Posts
  • Writing Headlines for Business Blogs
  • Strong Leading Paragraphs
  • Persuasive Writing Techniques

Blog School sessions are lively and personal. They engage each person in a process of gaining writing confidence and clarifying their own objectives.

Developing your blogging skills is an ongoing process. We will help you find and use the best resources we know of. These include Brian Clark’s Copyblogger, David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing and PR, and Daniel Scocco’s Daily Blog Tips.

Session Details

You can attend Blog School online or in person (Perth).
Each Blog School group has up to 9 bloggers, and its own code name. Groups that have memberships available are displayed below.

SessionSession DetailsBooking Link
Conference Call
Group: Tiger
Dates: Wed 20 Feb every fortnight for 6 sessions
Wed Feb 20, Wed Mar 5, Wed Mar 19, Wed Apr 2, Wed Apr 16, Wed Apr 30
Times (Australia): 11:30am – 12:30pm EST (9:30 am – 10:30am WST)
Location: Invitation to online conference room will be provided
Group Closed.
Group: Falcon
Dates: Mon 25 Feb every fortnight for 6 sessions
Mon Feb 25, Mon Mar 10, Tue Mar 25(*Mon Holiday), Mon Apr 7, Mon Apr 21, Mon May 5
Times: 9:30 am – 10:30am
Location: Warehouse Cafe, 221 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park
Group closed.


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