Colours and Spirit

We’ve had the pleasure recently of working with Dawn Meader to relaunch her website.

Working with a wide range of colours is a fascinating process. Dawn’s works make such incredible use of colour, it looks effortless – and of course it isn’t. It takes such talent to balance colour, composition and subject. The artworks are amazing, and speak for themselves.

Websites that present artworks (paintings and photographs) work best when the design takes a back seat to the presentation of the art. Getting the magic combination of ‘clean and simple’ sounds so obvious, but can be very difficult to do in practice.

Important components of Dawn’s site include presentation of her art classes and art tours. We’ve gone with the nifty Bookeo system and Stripe to support online class bookings. Tour bookings are all enquiry based. As Einstein reputedly put it, everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. For larger tours such as Dawn’s art tours, keeping it simple means balancing the ease of immediate online bookings with the practicalities of how people make their mind up about bigger ticket items.

Please check out Dawn’s site and see if you enjoy her art as much as we did: Dawn Meader

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