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Some examples of the versatile WordPress Miniloops plugin in action.

There are so many options for this plugin it can be useful to refer to examples. Below you will see examples that use miniloops to:

Example 1

Inline block, custom excerpt, thumbnail image (CSS round)

Example 2

A vertical miniloop presents the 10 most recent posts (replaces the standard Blog Index). Each post displays the Featured Image, Heading and an Excerpt. Uses a variable number of {articles}.

Example 3

This site has a miniloop that displays a 4 x 3 grid of folio items (from a custom post type).

View it on the Tracy Graffin, Designer page.

To the right of the grid of folio items there are two small ‘sticky notes’ that are driven by miniloops. One sticky note shows a randomly selected featured post with image from the archive, another shows the most recent announcement post (text only).

Using Miniloops with WP Engine

If your site is hosted on WP Engine, they disable ORDER BY 1 by default. Go to Dashboard, WP Engine, Advanced Configuration, Allow order by rand and enable it.