A blog will often accumulate a lot of great posts in the archives, and you may want to find ways to feature them.

The Feature Articles sidebar widget that lets you:

  • put together a set of feature articles, with a short snippet and link for each
  • display a randomly selected article from the set each time a visitor loads a page

To see it in action, have a look at the Stories of Eye Loss in the sidebar of Paul and Jenny’s website.

How to use:

  1. Login to your Dashboard, go to Plugins and activate the Feature Articles plugin
  2. Go to Manage, Feature Articles and create article snippets and links. Give them a common category to create groups of articles.
  3. Go to Design, Site Design and drag the widget into your sidebar. Enter the category of articles you want displayed.

Your feature articles can come from your website, or from another. You can include images in your article snippets, just make sure they aren’t wider than your sidebar.

This plugin was developed by James and derived from Jodi Diehl’s excellent WP-Testimonials plugin.

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