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Domain Owners and Name Servers

Domain Owners and Name Servers

Name Servers and Websites and Mail

DNS, Name Servers and Websites

About DNS Hosting

DNS Hosting, Web Hosting, Email Hosting

What fees are involved?

Domain Registration: Registering a domain name involves paying a registration fee. For .com domains you can register for one through to ten years at a time. For .com.au domains, you always register them for two years at a time.

DNS Hosting: DNS hosting services have to be operated by somebody. Some domain registrars offer DNS hosting, or you can operate you own high speed DNS hosting with a provider such as DNS Made Easy.

Web Hosting: Web hosting is provided by WordPress hosting companies such as WP Engine. Web hosting with WP Engine can be arranged on your behalf by OM4, or you can manage your own account with WP Engine.

Email Hosting: Some email providers offer email hosting services under a free plan (Zoho mail). Others offer email hosting via a paid plan (Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Rackspace Email).