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Delegate Your Name Servers

This article explains how to update the name servers for your domain.

Sometimes the update process is referred to as “delegating” your domain’s name servers.

Login to your Domain Management Account

When you register a domain through a domain registrar, you will have the opportunity to set the name servers.

Most reputable domain registrars give you access to some form of control panel to do this, as long as you have your domain login.

If you don’t have your domain login, this article may help you find it: Getting your Domain Login

Update Your Name Servers

To complete this step you need to be logged in, or know how to log in, to the administrative account for your domain.

Go to the administrative area for your domain and set the name servers for your domain to:

  • ns1.om4hub.com
  • ns2.om4hub.com
  • ns3.om4hub.com

By setting the name servers for your domain, domain name services (DNS) request for web and email traffic related to your domain will be managed by OM4’s DNS service.

Here are the instructions on how to update name servers at a few different registrars:

The procedure is similar with other domain registrars.

Check your Name Servers

You can check your name servers are set correctly by going to Pingability and doing a Domain Check.