How To Speed Up Your WooCommerce Order Processing


“Anyway is anyone else having problems with slow orders?”

“I placed an order last Saturday and they didn’t even attempt to ship it out yet!”

“I placed my order with express shipping. It’s now over a week from my original date of order and my status is still on order processing.”


When was the last time one of your customers complained about a delay in delivery?

Once a customer might have suffered in silence but now they’re quick to share their frustration.

If your products or services are diverse there’s an even greater chance of order processing delays.

Diversity means that your supplier, packaging and dispatch details may all may differ from product to product. Everyday sales will go through quickly but anything unusual will slow down the whole system.

Your order processing team will have to remember what to do, check for more information or you ask questions.

The challenge is how build a system so that your order processing team are across the detail and orders can be turned around quickly and without error.

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Announcing After The Order Plugin for WooCommerce

Our New WooCommerce Order Management Plugin

We’re excited to be launching our third WooCommerce plugin, After The Order.

The idea for this came from some of our WooCommerce clients who sometimes had issues with staff making errors when fulfilling online orders. We also use WooCommerce ourselves, and had developed a note taking system for infrequently ordered services in our own store so we could save time.

The new plugin lets you record special instructions with the product information. When orders occur, the special instructions appear as part of the order email generated by the WooCommerce store.

In essence, the plugin is helping you implement a better system for order management in your business. Good systems make your life easier as well as making it possible to delegate to others. Your system shall set you free!

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Dawn Meader, Artist

Colours and Spirit

We’ve had the pleasure recently of working with Dawn Meader to relaunch her website.

Working with a wide range of colours is a fascinating process. Dawn’s works make such incredible use of colour, it looks effortless – and of course it isn’t. It takes such talent to balance colour, composition and subject. The artworks are amazing, and speak for themselves.

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A bet is a Bet

On the weekend, the Hawthorn Football Club won the 2013 AFL Grand Final.

We at OM4 have a friendly relationship with the crew at Goin’ Off Safaris, who are keen Hawthorn fans.

The relationship is close enough that Glenn was silly enough to place a bet with Lunch at Goin’ Off Safaris:

  • If Fremantle win, the website would display the Dockers’ colours for a day
  • If Hawthorn win, the website would display the Hawks’ colours for a day
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Integrate WooCommerce with 230+ web services

Automate your WooCommerce Store with Zapier

Today, OM4 in collaboration with WooThemes and Zapier have launched a simple and powerful way to integrate your WooCommerce online store with 230+ third party web services such as Highrise, Twilio, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Xero, Zendesk, Dropbox, Google Docs and more!

Once you purchase, download and install the WooCommerce Zapier Integration plugin, you are able to send your WooCommerce order and customer data to Zapier.

Typical use cases would be sending WooCommerce order data to the following types of systems:

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • Phone, SMS and Email Notifications
  • File Management
  • Help Desk

To make it easy to get started, there’s a website that illustrates the services that are likely to be the most useful to someone running a WooCommerce store. This includes 20+ recommended Zap templates.

I also suggest reading the official announcement on, as well as the announcement on

For a limited time only, the plugin is available for an introductory price of $59 USD, and new Zapier users will receive 100 extra tasks when signing up to Zapier via this link.

We’ve been working on this project for the last few months, and we’re really excited to see what kind of integrations people come up with.

SEO Webinar – helping customers find you online

How do you position your website so that your customers easily find you online? 

Spend two hours in OM4’s SEO Concepts Webinar on Thursday, September 12 and begin your SEO learning journey.

To join us you can register here.


Search engines look for the same signals as your customers.

They want you to be relevant to their search. They want to see that you are an authority.

Learn how to send these signals to a search engine using:

  • Keywords. Using the language of your customers.
  • Link Building.  The power of networking with other internet businesses and resources.
  • Local Search Tools. Working with tools like Google Local that trigger for local businesses.
  • Adwords.  Increasing visitors to your site by paying for well-targetted advertising.

Learn about measuring SEO success using Google Analytics. Analytics shows you how many visitors view your website; where they come from; the pages they visit; and the time they take visiting. Use Analytics to put a little more science into the art of SEO.


Your investment for this introductory webinar is $95.

Join us for 2 hours from 9am (11am AEST) on Thursday September 12 by completing this registration form.

OM4's 6th Birthday!

6 years ago today, OM4 was born. 2,190 days later, we are fortunate enough to have fantastic customers in 6 different countries (Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia & the USA), across many different industries.

OM4’s small team of 7 people (in 3 different countries) would like to thank all of our valued OM4 customers.

Although we are 6 years old (young) today, the opportunities in the WordPress website industry are still abundant, and we feel good about what the future holds.

Incidentally, later this month is WordPress’ 10th birthday!

Thanks once again for being a part of the OM4 story.

Kind Regards,

Glenn Nicholas (co-founder & managing director)
James Collins (co-founder & chief technology officer)
Fanita Farcic (design & web development)
Judy Weinert (support)
Alison Mather (business development)
Erana Hastie (web development)
John Gallant (web development)

The OM4 Team

Choosing a Hosted Email Provider – Google Apps, Rackspace Email & Zoho Mail

Updated: March 2016

Choosing an email hosting provider for your business email (e.g. is an important decision. Email is a vital tool for business, and it matters if it doesn’t work properly.

We help our clients setup their business email, primarily Zoho Mail, Google Apps and Office 365. We used to include Rackspace Email, however Rackspace have a problem with their onboarding process that makes it complex to sign up for their service from Australia, and hard for a 3rd party to provide support to clients about how to set up and use their Rackspace email.

We started to help clients use Zoho Mail after Google Apps stopped offering their free mail service. Zoho, Google Apps and Office 365 all have strong email services, with large quotas on mailboxes, support for large messages and strong anti-spam filters.

Pricing wise, the choices were:

  • Google Apps ($5/user per month or $50/yr)
  • Office 365 (from $7 USD/mth for mail only or $13.20/mth with desktop apps)

Zoho MailThe Zoho Mail options include both free and paid::

  • Lite: free for up to 10 users, with a 5Gb mailbox
  • Standard: $3.50/mth USD (15Gb mailbox).

Office 360 is an interesting, if somewhat complex, offering. Their Business Essentials subscription gives you a good quality email service, with a 50Gb mailbox. To get access to the desktop Office Apps (such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint), you need the full Business subscription. You can pay a full $17.50 USD/mth per user to get HD video conferencing added on to that.

Zoho has a nice clean interface, which is refreshing. Office 365 and Google pack in the features, but could learn something in terms of ease of use from the Zoho crew. They’ve been offering the free version for over 2 and a half years now, and I suspect they will have been adding heaps of new customers based on this service.

If you just want a good business email service, the free Zoho account is a great fit. But if you like the Gmail or the Microsoft environment a lot, for a small additional monthly fee, you can get it.

Distraction Free Writing with WordPress

Adding relevant, informative content to your website is an excellent way to increase your authority for your readers, and for search engines.

Distraction Free Writing iconAs true as that statement is, most of us find putting words on a page challenging. WordPress now offers a feature that removes at least one of the possible distractions when you want to get creative at your keyboard.

Take a look at the Distraction Free Writing icon in your Post and Page toolbar (it’s towards the right end, in the first row).

This button toggles between the full editing screen and the distraction free screen.  When you first toggle to distraction free, you will see a minimal toolbar at the top of the page.  The first option in this mini toolbar is the toggling back to the  full editing screen.

Once you’ve started writing the mini toolbar disappears too, returning anytime you hover your mouse over the top of the page.

Read on to learn more about distraction free writing with WordPress.

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