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Pixelstick: Time to upgrade Free Ruler and Colour Selector

Upgrading to Mac Lion means letting go of those useful little utilities that only run using the old PowerPC emulation. Free Ruler, a utility that pops a ruler over the top of your screen has [...]

iMac 24" Screen – Too Bright / Anti-Glare Fixes

[Nov 2013 Post Mavericks Update: Shades no longer works on Mavericks, but ShadeIt - available from the App Store - does the same job.  GN] I use an Apple 24" iMac. It is an excellent [...]

Mac Leopard: ssh, RSA key pairs, passphrases and the annoying password window

As I was monitoring our servers for a period over the holidays, I had a chance to get back to grips with ssh. Here is a quick public service announcement for any Mac users [...]