Setting up a new Campaign Monitor account

1. Create the account (Sign Up) with Campaign Monitor

2. Configure the Client Settings

3. Create a new template
– download a template to use as a starter
– notice the image files used for the layout
– create new image files of the same size and same name to replace them
– open the HTML file with tags, replace ABC / widgets etc with new details
(check Title, alt tags and footer in particular)
– save the .html file
– create a new screenshot for the template
– create a zip file all contents

4. Upload the template
– in the CM account, go to Templates and click Upload
– fill in the details to point to the .html file, the zip file and the screenshot

5. Create an Archive Page
– this will display all newsletters sent
– create a page in the website for Newsletter Archive (e.g /admin/newsletters/)
– use Client Settings, Create Newsletter Archive in CM, copy/paste the code onto your WordPress page

6. Create a Confirmation Page for signing up page
– this will be where new subscribers are sent after confirming sign up
– if you are going to use a Verified Opt in, you will also need a Secondary Confirmation Page

7. Create a Subscriber List

8. Create a sign up form and place on their website.
– open the subscriber list
– click the Create a subscribe form
– copy and paste into sidebar Text widget
– set up the Customise the subscribe process for the list

9. Create confirmation emails
– you can use this to point new subscribers to your Newsletter Archive page
– Enter your thank you page URL

10. Send details to client
– they need to confirm their details
– show them how to add subscribers to their list
– show them how to create a campaign