Campaign Monitor's Dynamic Content Announcement

Campaign Monitor has now added the ability to tailor your newsletter content based on a subscriber’s preferences and/or data.

For example, you could send out a single email campaign that:

  • provides your VIP customers with one particular coupon code
  • provides your standard customers with a different coupon code
  • encourages your non customers you to join your VIP program

Campaign Monitor calls this adding dynamic content to your campaign.

The magic happens when you add one or more if statements to your campaign or template.

Their announcement blog post has all the details.

The announcement states that dynamic content is only available when you import your campaign, however our testing has shown that the if statements also work when you create your campaign via Campaign Monitor’s editor.

This new feature is very powerful. We can’t wait to see how our Campaign Monitor customers use this feature!

Campaign Monitor have also published a great guide on Increasing Relevance with Dynamic Content, which includes some information on Demographic data, Behavioral data and Transactional data.