Surgery Interior Design

Recently Natasha and Anthony Connor engaged Ryan North from Evolve Design to do a ground-up redesign of their website Surgery Interior Design.

Natasha and Anthony run an interior design practice, and specialise in surgery design.

The final design that Ryan delivered was to a very high standard, and presented their work in a clean, attractive way. Natasha and Anthony were very pleased with the new look. And so were the visitors to the website.

Now the visitors to the website didn’t send in comments saying ‘great design’, instead we could watch them – courtesy of Google Analytics – vote with their mouse.

The biggest change Natasha noticed was that the bounce rate dropped to zero. I thought she had made a mistake, but after checking it was clear the bounce rate had gone to zero just after the redesign, and was now averaging around 2% – well down from the average of 40%.

This isn’t a new site. The domain and content have been up for enough time for the analytics to show consistent trends.

This is the view from Google Analytics of the month when the design was applied (click to enlarge):

Bounce Rate Drops 40 to 2

Bounce Rate Drops 40% to 2%

In addition to the bounce rate flatlining:

  • Average Time on Site has gone up about 60%
  • Average Page Views has more than doubled

And the number of visitors hasn’t changed.

Now this is a pretty remarkable result. I’m a big fan of using freelance graphic designers for web design, but to see the effect it could have on a mature website was quite extraordinary.

Nice work Ryan!