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Boost Your WooCommerce Store’s Conversion Rate

Getting visitors to your WooCommerce store is a start, but converting visits into enquiries or sales is often the more important task. Work in this specific area is referred to as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

For eCommerce websites in particular, there is a growing body of information that can help you get more orders online.

Remove Barriers

One of the basic principles for improving WooCommerce store conversion rate is to remove barriers to buying.

Barriers to buying can come about in many ways. It might be hard to understand what products are for sale. It could be that the products might be well understood, but visitors can’t find them easily because the website navigation is too confusing.

Visitors might want to buy but have concerns that haven’t been answered. These might apply to areas of security, privacy, shipping costs/times or refund policy.

Visitors might not want to share as much information as you are asking for.

There could be unnecessary elements on your cart or checkout pages that distract people during the checkout and payment process.

Here are some articles we recommend. They look at the different factors that make up eCommerce conversion. They will help you spot issues with your own WooCommerce store website and resolve them.

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