Here is a graph showing the trend in number of visitors to Phil Walcott’s Gay Rainbow Connection website over the last month (Phil was our OM4Tourism Hidden Jewel Winner for the NT in 2008).

Visitors trends to Gay Rainbow Connection

Visitor trend for

Phil is currently touring the world with his GALTA hat on, and using his blog to keep everyone updated about his trip. The spike you can see in the number of visitors correlates almost exactly with Phil getting active with his blog.

Blogs are particularly effective in increasing the number of search engine visitors to your website. And as Phil is clearly such a natural when it comes to blogging, I think he’ll do particularly well.

Search engines seem to pay attention to how frequently a website is updated and send more love to those that are active. Each new blog post adds relevant content to your website, expanding the number of keywords you are indexed for and thereby increasing the number of searchers who might find you. And finally, blog posts are a great way of reaching out to other bloggers, and that gets you noticed and is a great way to earn you links.

And finally, a quick live example of trackbacks. Phil -because I am linking to your excellent post wrapping up your GALTA activities in London, you’ll see a Trackback appear in your dashboard. Approve the trackback – just like a comment – and an excerpt from my post will appear in the comments section of your blog post.