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Take A Holiday From Your WooCommerce Store

Taking holidays isn’t that easy when you run your own business. This is especially true if you have an online store. You can’t just set up an auto responder that says “Gone fishing.”

If you’ve built a business with a good reputation you don’t want to risk that. Leaving your online store with someone else might lead to mistakes and upset customers. Social media gives upset customers a megaphone.

So where do orders go wrong? You might have different suppliers for different products that need to be contacted. Perhaps you have products that are similar and can easily be incorrectly ordered. Your delivery requirements might differ from product to product. You might have products that are only sold occasionally. Even with great training, good team members might not remember how to do something they don’t do regularly.

Capturing your knowledge and getting it to the right person at the right time helps you hand over your business and take your holiday.

Our WooCommerce plugin After The Order is designed to help WooCommerce store owners record their knowledge so it can be brought to the attention of staff when needed.

Here’s how it works. Owners set up a store wide checklist that applies to the processing of every order within their store. They also set up reminders about important information that relates to specific products.

When the order notification email arrives advising a sale has occurred, it includes the relevant notes for that order (site wide and order specific).

This means staff get an order as well as the instructions on what to do to fulfil that order. There is less to remember, find or look up. Important details they need to know is right there with the order email.

After The Order is about having a system that helps your staff manage orders efficiently and deliver a high quality customer experience every time.

So how easy is it to set this plugin? Very easy. You can purchase and download After The Order and follow step-by-step instructions yourself to get started.

Purchase After The Order

Suddenly that beach holiday seems a little more possible.

Here’s a short video that tells you more about After The Order.

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